I can only say Thank You to Roberta and the retreat. It was an experience that recharged my battery with positive energy and it helped me to walk away from an unhealthy relationship. I went back home with new awarness and a new smile on my face”
— Claudia, 30 years old, chef - Morocco 2016

I learned a different way of travel thanks to the retreat. I understood the meaning of Here & Now. I understood how to let go of eveerything I didn’t need. I was able to bring out the real me. I learnt to share and to express myself without fearing being judge. I laughed so much and cried without shame, I danced at the rhythm of drumrolls and meditated under the desert sky. I went home with new light inside of me.

— Jessica, 33 years old, mom - Marrakech 2016

The trip to Bali has been incredibly useful and profound. I am incredibly happy about the topics we dealt with, for learning new things and for gaining new awarness. I can’t wait to go on another trip!
— Cristina, 60 years old, retired, Bali 2017

This trip was a moment for mysel, where I was able to look back at my life and start again with new energy towards my goals. I discovered new places, rituals, friendships and even new things about myself. This sort of trips fon’t end once you get back home but they keep going even after months, because when you learn to look at the world with new eyes nothing is like it was before. You leave alone and you come back rich of new memories and new friends with whom you will keep sharing a path of personal growth and joy. I’m already ready for the next trip!
Un momento tutto per me, in cui le mie passioni si incontrano armoniosamente e in cui fare un punto della situazione per poi ripartire cariche verso i propri obiettivi. Un viaggio di scoperta, di luoghi, rituali, amicizie e di me stessa.
E sopratutto un viaggio che non finisce al ritorno a casa, ma che è continuato e continua anche dopo a distanza di mesi perchè quando si impara a guardare con nuovi occhi nulla è più come prima.
Si parte da sole e si torna arricchiti di nuovi fantastici ricordi e nuove amiche con cui continuare a condividere un percorso di crescita e gioia irrinunciabile.
Sono già pronta per la prossima destinazione.
— Nicole, 35 years old, Project Manager, Marrakech 2016

The retreat is a strong experience. It’s not always easy bt it’s wonderful and I would suggest it to anyone. It opened mmy mind and my heart towards new dimentions I couldn’t see before.
— Silvia, 30 year old, nurse, Bali 2017