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We are traveling for you


Retreats, Adventures and Workshops for Female Travelers

Rise&Shine Retreats are trips for women designed by women travelers.

These are spiritual, adventurous or informative retreats where you'll leave your world behind to venture with us on a self discovery journey.

All our destinations are carefully chosen for you based on the transformative energy they have. Magical forgotten lands and islands. We'll bring you to those places and show you their traditions and cultures we love truly. We know them well, we've been traveling for a long time, we lived these lost corners of earth in their deepest and most profound essence, and we can't wait to bring you with us!

Simply chose your destination, your guide and the ideal time and leave with us for a life-changing trip. Expect meditation sessions and moments of personal growth, themed workshops, local and healthy food and wellness rituals for body and spirit. Be ready for adventures, we'll visits remote and hidden areas still unknown from mass tourism, and we'll live unforgettable experiences. We'll laugh and we'll cry together; we'll dance and we'll dream of bigger dreams. We'll learn to look inside ourselves to then open our eyes and see new breathtaking landscapes in front of us.

Our trips are designed to make you rise up, to shake away the dust and make you shine again. We know what you are looking for, we found it a long time ago and now we want to show you the way.


Learn to love yourself and find out who you really are. 



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