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What's a Retreat?

A retreat is a journey of spiritual nature.  ‘Retreat’, means ‘to withdraw, to drawback’ from your world. Far from your usual life, far from your society. Our retreats bring you to a place you don't know along with other likeminded women.

Who is it for?

Our retreats are for women of all age, all nationalities and all backgrounds. For women who are looking to find themselves and for women who already did. For women that are curious, skheptical, shy, extroverted. For spirituality and travel lovers or for those who never traveled or are scared to travel alone. For women who want to shine.

It's not for you if...

After doing this for a while we became pretty selective. We care about protecting our partecipants and assuring a beautiful experience to everyone and guarantee harmony among our groups. So this retreats are not for you if you are coming just because you don't know who to go on a vacation with. They are not for you if you are looking for a fancy, luxury experience to brag about with your friends and get a ton of likes on instagram.  They are not for you if you aren't open minded and willing to adapt. They are not for you if you complain about everything (weather and hygiene conditions, food, insects, people). They are not for you if you are used to judge others or talk behind people's back. They are not for you if shopping, elephant riding and taking selfies are the main activities on your list. They are not for you if you aren't looking for personal growth. Got it? ;)

Are man allowed?

No. We love men but these retreats are designed around women needs (Man and Women are very very different beings). We want the focus of our trips to be our inner journey and we don't want our sexuality to get in the way (we are humans after all!).

Although our trips are for women only, some of our themed workshops will be open to men.

Payment is by bank transfer. Generally, it can be broken into 2 or 3 installments so that anyone can participate. Bank transfer details and all directives are sent by mail at the time of booking.


How do I pay?

Are you a travel agency?



We work with a travel agent! The technical organization is entrusted to EMMEBIESSE TRAVEL AGENCY of M.B.S. Of Merigo Battista s.n., a company authorized by the Province of Brescia with decree 3142 of 24/11/1998. Data C.F. And P.IVA 03420980173 - REA BS 393385 - TRC Insurance Number 171655 Aga International S.A. Policies Great risks Unipol Sai 1/72444/319/113260857 ceiling 31.500.000,00 euro.
Emmebiesse Travel Agency also adheres to the Guarantee Travel Fund, certified n. A / 49.153 / 1/2017 pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 82, which covers the risks covered by art. 50, 2nd paragraph of Legislative Decree 179/2011 (Code of Tourism).

Who are the guides?

All of our guides are experienced travelers. They speak multiple languages, they are freelencers specialized in a specific discipline and they all work with women for women. They are all travel lovers who made of travel their lifestyle.

Do these retreats have to do with religion?

No. Our retreats have to do with spirituality, which implies a search and a questioning of everything you know to get you to another level of consciousness.


No problem! You will be with your guide, who will arrange everything in the smallest details. You will never feel alone or abandoned and you will always have a competent and helpful point of reference. You can check the level of difficulty of the trip on each destination page.

What if I have never traveled alone? 

It depends on the destination and where you are from, but most likely YES.

Do I have to have a passport?

General travel information will be on our site on the destination page. Additional information and instructions, such as vaccinations, equipment, clothing, will be sent by mail at the time of booking or a few weeks before the trip.


Where can I get the information and general instructions on each trip?