Retreat Style: meditative adventure

Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, and a bit of Portughese

Where I live: Berlin

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I have been teaching kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan for more than 10 years to adults, children with their parents (family yoga) and pregnant women. Last year I moved to Berlin, to carry out my project of travelling yoga, sports, write a blog, n which I share the lessons I learn from travel and simple yogic techniques suitable for everyday life with my #yogasenzatappetino directory.

In this beautiful and weird metropolis, I love to teach in unconventional places, combining urban spots to natural elements There is nothing like meditating among the elements that facilitate our introspection and make us feel part of something bigger. In Berlin I founded a social project in a historic club in the city, YAAM, which is involved in social inclusion and the "Refugees Welcome" movement.

I often travel to Italy and around the world to teach workshops and seminars in which I share what I feel as my Life mission: Women Empowerment. Helping women to rise after failures, support them in their self-esteem and self-care, through  yoga techniques and other innovative ways is what I really love and serve. 

In 2016 I started the #turbanschool project, a real turban school through social channels and live workshops. But the Turbanschool is much more than just women - they are soul encounters, where we learn to wear our crown made of cloth, but above where we remember we are all sisters, resilient, who with kindness and pride can rise and help each other no matter how high the fall is.

That is why I have directed the #turbanschool to women who are going through chemotherapy, working with Italian hospitals and associations.

Yoga is my passion, but over the time I have noticed that I needed to preserve the joy of life, which I was sacrificing due my very austere practices. So I got back to my "Rockstar" nature combining it with a new awareness, and this is how Yoga'n'Roll, Yoga for Soulstars! born. I think we are all Soulstars, we can shine and share our light if we are balanced and grounded at center of our heart.

The purpose of yoga is to make us feel better, lower the anxiety by relaxing and giving us a basic innocence. In this age, when we receive tremendous stimuli, our nervous system can not always maintain its stability to support us in the choices and feel comfortable in enjoying the beauty of the world, our lives, to simple "being alive". Yoga helps us to feel in the flow of life for this simple reason: it relaxes us and brings us home.

I've been traveling forever, I'm curious about the world, its languages nd cultures. I started long time ago from Africa, where I still was a baby, her baby, studying Swahili and Arabic. I love sports, surfing, swimming and dancing, trekking and anything that makes me feel like I am a part of Nature.


Mi hogar es la palabra gracias y mi patria son mis zapatos
— Alejandro Jodorowsky