Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back!
— Unknown

Rise up, Awakwen your conciousness and let your inner light radiate. You might not know you have it, but it's there, trust us.  

Let go of prejudice and decondition your thinking. You are beautiful, limitless and you can be free. Embrace it, own it and shine baby shine!






Founder & Director


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Rise & Shine Retreats were created by Roberta Zanetti in 2016. Her alchemist and traveler's soul made her understand that there was a strong need for women to realize their full potential and wildly rise up together through an inner and outer journey.

Everything began in 2013 when, after a  7 years long troubled and painful relationship Roberta found herself alone on her 30th birthday. She struggled with depression for months, she felt empty, alone, lost. She didn't know how to get out of that dark vortix she was falling in deeper and deeper and felt an urgent need to escape that reality. On Valentine's Day a friend forced her to go out for a goodbye party and there she met a group of girlfriends that brought light back into her life. A few months later she left for India—a land were she lived 6 years before and never dared to go back to—with one of this girls and she realized traveling consciously, freely and lightly with other women was what she wanted to do.


After traveling for over a decade, Roberta decided to follow her instinct and use her knowledge and passion to give birth to a daring project: to make women travel in order to help realize they can be free of the chains and limitation put on them by society. She melts spirituality and adventure, making you understand the beauty of far away cultures in full respect of their costumes and traditions, dissolving your ego and rising your empathy, re-wilding your soul.



Extreme cleanliness and linearity of the trait to represent the search for your real Self, using all that process, meditative and not, that lead you to inner simplicity. No frills, no external influences that clog your soul. A search for purity and essence.

Into the eye there is the moon, the supreme energy that regulates our female being, and the solar rays, balacing our male part. Some are thick, as if they were hinges that attach us firmly to our origins. Others are more subtle, to represent the amount of light a body can absorb and emanate. The rays expand in all directions, beyond time and space.

A balance of energy, ying and yang, local and global, an explosive mix of knowledge and creativity.